Genchem Biotechnology Co. was established in 1981, as a subsidiary of Wallance Pharmaceutical Co.. Wallance Pharmaceutical Co. is an established veterinary medicine producer. Genchem Biotechnology distinguishes itself from its parent company by specializing in research and development of aquaculture feed for shrimp larvae and fish fry in hatcheries and nurseries. Genchem has recently developed many new products based on its advanced production facilities capable of micro-encapsulation. This is the first artificial feed that may substitute natural artemia.



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Aquaculture Food For Hatchery

Through extensive R/D and processing advances, the company has introduced many well-know products world-wide. These include:

  • Micro-encapsulated larvae feeds. (GAP, GHP, Art. Artemia)

  • Micro-particle Feeds. (Genchem LAVIN, Biomax)

  • Flake food (Shrimp flakes and Tropical fish flakes)

  • Water quality improved products. (Amzaerm, Polytase)

  • Prevention supplement for diseases in digestive system. (Biozymes, Polytase)

  • Essential nutrient for fighting cock and racing birds. (Combatizer, Winpill)

We also manufacture pet products for dog , racing pigeon and gamecock.


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