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Feed for juvenile grouper
Flake types:
A type: 0.3x 0.3 mm~1.2x 1.2 mm. Ideal to bone health.
B type: 1.0x 1.0 mm~2.5x 2.5 mm. digestive function.
T1 type: Ideal to the initail stage.

  • Replacement for live adult artemia in diet for juvenile grouper and bass
  • A premium product designed to avoid dirty water problems in fish hatcheries. It is suitable for freshwater aquaculture and saltwater larvae.
  • Water will never become cloudy.
  • Will not produce any strong odors for over 20 hours.
  Shrimp meal, Squid extract, Krill meal, Fish meal, Brewers yeast, Lecithin, Cholesterol, Astaxanthin, Gluten, Glucans, caramel.
  • CrudeProtein : Min.40 %
  • Crude Lipid : Min.3%
  • Crude Fiber : Max.3%
  • Ash : Max. 17 %
  • Moisture : Max. 11 %
  • HCl insolubles : Max. 3 %
  Feed directly
  • Aluminium Foil bag- 1 kg×10
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